The following is an extract from Truly Independent Founder, Andrew Goodwin’s new book “Work to Wealth”

Stripping everything back to the basic principles, I first want to give you a gift: a better reason to work. By creating simple and achievable financial goals, you will leap out of bed in the morning eager to earn. Those who hate work need alternative reasons to work and to know what they should be doing with their hard-earned income.

Those who enjoy working and being at work may have somewhere lost the drive to move out of this comfort zone. You need to use the fact you like work as a springboard to a better working experience, one that edges you closer to wealth.

Do more with your income

Those who spend their savings will eventually run out of money, unless those savings are significant. Income is what you want, not capital. Investopedia defines income as ‘money that a person or a business receives in return for working, providing a product or service, or investing capital’.

We all need a basic income to survive. Without pay we will achieve little and struggle to buy living essentials. Income is vital. It’s what you do with it that matters and the wealthy know this; by studying this book, so will you.

You can earn income from working or receive income from assets. Investopedia describe an ‘asset’ as ‘a resource with economic value that an individual, corporation or country owns or controls with the expectation that it will provide a future benefit’. It says ‘an asset can be thought of as something that, in future, can generate cash flow’.

Understand assets and you are on your way to your first epiphany moment.